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Educational policy教育方針

『Our friendly staff will children grow up with intellectual curiosity .』


We focus on: Balanced Education

In the morning at Circle Time, we dance while listening to English songs and study the alphabet in a loud voice. By just getting used to listening, English comes out naturally when you speak aloud. Other names such as numbers, animals and fruits are also mentioned in English, Thai and Japanese. Activities include clay play, art and gym activities where you can use your hands to inspire imagination By using the five senses and the body in a well-balanced way, it promotes healthy growth of the mind and body.



Top priority on child safety

A Japanese owner designs in the nursery and a room where children spend is covered with a mat on the entire surface, making it a safe design even if it falls over or bumps up. Furthermore Brings a sense of calm to the child using a friendly color interior.

A CCTV camera has been installed in the nursery, and the parents of the members can view the inside of the park in real time using a mobile phone.



Hearty hand made Lunch

 A delicious lunch with lots of fresh vegetables made in the Nursery every morning is a favorite of children.

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